Ziri Rideaux, Owner and Funeral Director, grew up in her family tradition of Shamanism which includes communication with the ancestors who are highly honored and frequently consulted for guidance. In her early twenties, Ziri volunteered in various hospices and accompanied about 200 dying people through their transitions. After losing both parents and a number of close friends to cancer, Ziri became acutely aware of the lack of support for the dying and their loved ones in our current society. She conceived FRIENDS Funeral Home in order to help people embrace the dying process in natural ways, without fear and awkwardness. Ziri’s hope is to make death a profoundly meaningful experience for all involved that brings people closer together and reaffirms the beauty and value of life AND death.

Los Angeles, CA – Viewing and Cremation

Baptist Church Service, Viewing and Cremation Viewing and church service for an elderly man who had passed at home. The service was held at the Baptist Church, facilitated by the wonderful Rev. Robert L. Taylor. The service included a sermon, video display, songs and beautiful testimonials from the bereaved. Friends – Funeral Home – Alternative Funerals –…

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Lancaster, CA – Viewing and Cremation

Church Service, Viewing and Cremation Viewing and church service for a middle-aged lady who passed away in hospital in Palmdale. The service was lovingly facilitated by pastor Steve Bloom of Grace Chapel in Lancaster, CA with approximately 80 people present. The service involved beautiful gospel music and singing. Friends – Funeral Home – Alternative Funerals – Mortuary

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When To Live And When To Die

I accompanied both my parents and my only sister Maia through their cancer treatment and their dying experience. With all three, right after the diagnosis, there was tremendous, blinding fear. The world “cancer” has a toxic, psychological effect on top of whatever physical illness is playing out. Witnessing their doctors who seemed to savor their…